Congratulations to this seasons winners, FC Primo, Bafana Bafana, Freeballers United! Check out pics from week 8 here.
FC Primo - CO-ED
Mens A - Bafana Bafana
Mens B - Freeballers United
Congrats to the following top goal scorers in their divisions!

CO-ED - Hakan A - Matrix United - 23 goals

CO-ED - Megan F - Myassis Dragons - 10 goals

Mens 'A'- Ryan K - Free Agents - 26 goals

Mens 'B' - Jovan T - Regulators - 10 goals

Mens 'B' - Matt SG - Freeballers United - 10 goals

Summer season playoffs have been set! Click here to view schedule and standings. Golden boot winners have been announced and over 80 pics have been posted. Good luck next week teams!
Week 6 updates! Check out standings, schedules, golden boot and over 70 pics!!