Week 5 updates are up for standings, scores and gold boot and over 80 pics have been posted here.
Week 4 scores, standings, and golden boot updates are all up here. Over 70 pics of this weeks action have also been ps
Week 3 standings, scores, and golden boot updates are up here. Plus, over 90 pics have been added from this weeks action.
 Updates to scores, standings and golden boot are up. And over 60 pictures have been added from this week.
Congrats to Dial Square, the winners of the CO-ED summer league!
Bryan A - Make It Happen - 16 goals
Sammy M - NV - 16 goals
Janel K - FC Primo - 11 goals
Congrats to the CO-ED tournament champs, team Coast!
Brandon B - Coast - 10 goals
Edward Z - Joga Bonito - 10 goals
Congrats to Mens A champions - Winded
Congrats to Mens B champions - Rock Harbor