Updates to scores, standings and golden boot are up. And over 60 pictures have been added from this week.
Congrats to Dial Square, the winners of the CO-ED summer league!
Bryan A - Make It Happen - 16 goals
Sammy M - NV - 16 goals
Janel K - FC Primo - 11 goals
Congrats to the CO-ED tournament champs, team Coast!
Brandon B - Coast - 10 goals
Edward Z - Joga Bonito - 10 goals
Congrats to Mens A champions - Winded
Congrats to Mens B champions - Rock Harbor
Mens A - Garr P - FC Reunited - 25 goals
Mens B - Matt S - Reds FC - 21 goals
Summer Tournament Saturday, July 24th!  2 Divisions; CO-ED and Mens Open.  Register here.
Week 7 updates and playoff schedules are set. Check them out here. Good luck teams!